Not Your Perfect Yogi

Yoga for regular humans


“Do yoga not to become a professional gymnast or Buddhist monk, do yoga to be a bit more flexible, happy & glowy”

Let's flow!


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"A relaxing and uplifting yoga class! Ana's gentle guidance and 100% dedication help you flow through the asanas and enjoy the practice! Her approach is to be in the present moment, feel good in your body, love your body and enjoy yourself. I love this class!” - Diana

About Ana

Corporate Girl gone Yogi!

My name is Ana and I am a corporate girl gone yogi, who has managed to transform her life and body with the help of yoga.I came up with the concept of “NotYourPerfectYogi” when I first decided to quit my job and become a yoga teacher. Back then I was far off from the typical image of an athletic, flexible yogi. I was overworked, exhausted and definitely not in the best (or even second best) shape of my life but, most importantly, I had severe back issues, chronic pain and fatigue. 

After finishing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 I am now helping other people regain control of their lives and bodies through the help of Yoga. My classes are meant for regular individuals that are just trying to feel a bit better in their bodies and their daily lives. You don’t have to come with any previous experience to my classes and you never have to fear you are not flexible enough to be able to do it.

We are here to do it together and my role is to get you through it and feeling a bit better at the end of each class!

are you ready?